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Why the most resilient companies want more incidents


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The DevOps trends and tools putting a renewed focus on maintenance and care in tech

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Declare, Respond, Mitigate, Learn: How Kintaba Tackles Incident Response

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The Resilience Roundtable: A Discussion About Chaos Engineering and More
(with John Egan, CEO Kintaba)

The New Stack

What Incident Management teaches us about the pandemic

ITOps Times

Kintaba Introduces Automation for Modern Incident Management


Kintaba Launches ‘Automations’ to Seamlessly Manage the Incident Response Process

Expert Video Interview with John Egan of Kintaba - Incident Management Platform


Kintaba looks to automate incident management


All about automated incident management with Kintaba's John Egan - Episode 77

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Former Facebook team brings next-gen incident management to market

TechStrong TV

Kintaba: Automating Human-Centric Incident Response

Brain Candy | Intellyx

Facebook Workplace co-founder launches downtime fire alarm Kintaba

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