Postmortems & Reviews

Don't just respond to incidents, make your company stronger by learning from every major outage.

Kintaba's fully featured postmortem editor lets you quickly record the most important pieces of knowledge gained from each incident.

Then follow up on your postmortems with automatically scheduled postmortem reviews.
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Make your team stronger through postmortem learning

Our full featured editor lets you create rich text and image content that can be quickly updated and adapted for each incident.

Widgets let you include metadata from your incident, like followup tasks and starred comments.

Create templates for each type of major incident, including specific widgets, sections, and help text. Or use our default templates to follow the best practices from companies like Google.

Automated review scheduling makes sure that everyone involved in an incident has the opportunity to come together to review and share knowledge after the fact.

Incident postmortems are shared with all subscribers and responders automatically, or can be easily found on the incident dashboard.

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