Oncall Management

Fully featured oncall management lets your team manage who is responsible for what when incidents strike.

Kintaba supports scheduled oncall rotations, short-term overrides, and per-incident oncall assignments for maximum flexibility and automation.
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Oncalls at Your Call

Experience oncalls that are easy to configure and manage for technical and nontechnical roles alike. Quickly create new scheduled rotations, adjust the participants, and even set temporary overrides with a click.

Configure per-incident oncall assignments as needed and make sure everyone on the response team knows who is responsible for what.

Kintaba supports a full calendar view of oncall rotations for quick reference and editing.

Make sure the right people are kept in the loop by automatically assigning oncalls to incidents as subscribers or responders.

No limit to oncall creation means easily setting oncalls for nontechnical roles like legal, customer success, and PR/comms.

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