Collaborative Incident Response

Kintaba automates your full-cycle incident management process so your team can quickly report, respond, resolve, and reflect on major incidents collaboratively and without the busywork.

Kintaba's incident response platforms gives you instant access to incident management processes based on the practices of companies like Facebook, Google, Stripe, and other successful and resilient organizations.
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Full cycle, collaborative incident response for your team

Report incidents from anywhere: within Kintaba, from Slack, from an integration partner like Pagerduty, or via our fully featured custom graphQL API.

Assemble your response team quickly and efficiently in a fully collaborative environment so you can fix the problem fast without getting lost in forms and structured data entry. Kintaba stays out of your way so you can move fast and fix things.

File followup tasks, launch a zoom call, update your status page, and more with Kintaba's incident integrations that work right from the incident response dashboard.

Run your incidents in a powerful, realtime collaboration environment that connects to Slack with Kintaba bot, our full featured bi-directional slack integration that brings Kintaba to your team where they're already communicating.

Build your incident timeline in realtime, not after the fact. Kintaba tracks all activity and communication during the incident and makes it easy to indicate, recall, and search important moments and milestones.

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