Take command of your incidents

Bring order to the chaos of incident response with Kintaba

More than a bot: Kintaba is your resilience platform

There's more to incident response than just opening a new slack channel. Kintaba gives you all the tools you need to respond the right way, right away.

⚡ Rapid incident response

💬 Collaborate in Slack or in Kintaba
🔗 Integrate with other tools in your stack
🙋 Bring together the right people
📰 Subscribe stakeholders
⭐ Mark critical moments
✅ Track mitigation and resolution status

📢 Oncalls at your call

📟 Configure responder roles and oncall schedules
🔔 Custom notification settings per responder
🔍 Search by role, not just by name
🏝️ Set vacation and out of office overrides
📅 Subscribe to oncall calenders

🤖 Automations made easy

🙋 Automatically add responders and subscribers
⚡ Trigger webhooks based on tags and metadata
🎓 Post relevant documentation and instructions
⏰ React to idle incidents
📄 Define postmortem templates

📈 Birds-eye view reporting

🗓️ Track incidents by type over time
✋ Learn about active responders
📊 Time of day incident trends
🏷️ Narrow by date and tag

Work in

Slack? So do we!

💥 Instantly declare incidents from any channel.
🔔 Notify and track responders
🏷️ Add tags and manage categorization
🤖 Trigger automations
📄 Monitor postmortem progress
...and more!

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Best practices in minutes, not months

Kintaba makes it easy to standardize your response process
so you respond the right way every time.

Define roles and oncall rotations

Automate your response processes

Learn from your incidents together

Build a positive incident culture for your company

Read the Intellyx analyst report to learn aabout the future of positive incident culture and how to bring it to your company.

Included in the report:
  • Guidance on DIY vs. off the shelf tooling options
  • Case studies of scaling companies successfully adopting a more positive incident culture
  • The evolution of incident metrics like MTTR, MTTD, MTTI and what market leaders are actually measuring today
Read the Report

Declare, respond, resolve,
and reflect with one tool

The right integrations for your stack


Trusted by resilient teams and companies

Kintaba is an essential part of the Vercel reliability workflow. We tried many disjointed tools before, but Kintaba just clicked for our team.

I recommend it to all engineering organizations I talk to.

Guillermo Rauch, CEO Vercel

Kintaba keeps us honest by automating our process: ensuring that we learn from our mistakes and continually improve our systems.

Tom Elliott, Head of Engineering Let's Do This

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